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Ignite your projects with the punchy presence and immersive depth of pristine exterior explosion sound effects in 5.1 surround and stereo.

Detonate is a specialty sound effects library of high-resolution explosions, blasts, bursts, and impacts curated from the personal collection of Academy Award®-winning sound editors Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson.

Delivered in both 5.1 surround and stereo, these detonation recordings and designs pack a lot of punch upfront with a very spacious slap from nearby mountains.

Blow it up with massive boom sound effects from dynamite, artillery, and C4 – perfect for sound designing bombs, grenades, cannons and anything else that explodes.

The depth, detail, sharp transients, and powerful LFE channel make these sounds perfect design elements for your projects including film, TV, trailers, games and beyond.

Sample rate 96
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 42
Size 2.44 GB
Type Source
Format Stereo & Surround
Metadata Yes
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Explosion_Artillery_DET-0020-256.wavExplosion Artillery, Mortar, Soaring In, Crunchy Whomping Blast, Distant Popping Echo, Reverberant2496000600:05
Explosion_Artillery_DET-0020-257.wavExplosion Artillery, Whistling In, Successive Booms, Twanging, Crunchy Blasts2496000600:08
Explosion_Artillery_DET-0020-258.wavExplosion Artillery, Successive Booms at Varied Distance, Harsh Stuttering Blast2496000600:06
Explosion_Artillery_DET-0020-259.wavExplosion Artillery, Wash of Booms, Distant and CU, Rumbling, Popping, Single Fiery Crashing Burst, Debris Falling and Scattering2496000600:14
Explosion_Artillery_DET-0020-260.wavExplosion Artillery, Massive Swell of Blasts, Whistling Whine, Deep Rumbling, Zooming through the Air, Hissing2496000600:05
Explosion_Artillery_DET-0020-261.wavExplosion Artillery, Many Bursts, Sharp Popping Booms, Crashing Blast, Debris Scatter at Tail2496000600:07
Explosion_Artillery_DET-0020-262.wavExplosion Artillery, Sharp Cracking Boom, Distant Echoing Decay, Pulsing2496000600:06
Explosion_Artillery_DET-0020-263.wavExplosion Artillery, Two Blasts, Immediate Dissipating into Echo, Deep Rumbling Boom, Distant Burst at Tail2496000600:06
Explosion_Artillery_DET-0020-264.wavExplosion Artillery, Massive Crashing Blast, Rapid Booming Swell, Light Debris Scattering2496000600:05
Explosion_Artillery_DET-0020-265.wavExplosion Artillery, Whomping Blast with Whooshing Return, Booming, Hissing, Light Debris Scattering2496000600:05
Explosion_Artillery_DET-0020-266.wavExplosion Artillery, Sharp Popping Boom, Echoing Surge, Distant Decay2496000600:03
Explosion_Artillery_DET-0020-267.wavExplosion Artillery, Two Successive Blasts, Distant Popping Booms2496000600:03
Explosion_Artillery_DET-0020-268.wavExplosion Artillery, Rumbling Boom, Popping Blasts, Distant Deep Blasts, Long Decay Swelling and Resolving2496000600:08
Explosion_C4_DET-0037-202.wavExplosion, Brick of C-4, Deep Boom, Sustained Rumbling, Distant Whooshing Echoes, Light Debris Falling, Crackling2496000600:15
Explosion_C4_DET-0037-203.wavExplosion, Two Bricks of C-4, CU Massive Burst, Soaring Whoosh, Echoing, Debris Falling, Crackling, Rumbling2496000600:17
Explosion_C4_DET-0037-204.wavExplosion, Brick of C-4, Deep Rumbling Boom, Distant Whooshing Echoes2496000600:28
Explosion_C4_DET-0037-205.wavExplosion, Brick of C-4, Deep Booming Blast, Distant Whooshing Echoes, Trembling Rumble2496000600:13
Explosion_C4_DET-0037-206.wavExplosion, Brick of C-4, Deep Boom, Whooshing, Echoing Rumbles2496000600:11
Explosion_C4_DET-0037-207.wavExplosion, C-4, Massive Heavy Boom, Distant Soaring Whoosh, Rumbling, Fly Buzzing at Tail2496000600:22
Explosion_C4_DET-0037-208.wavExplosion, C-4, Massive Heavy Boom, Sustained Rumbling Decay, CU Light Debris Falling2496000600:29
Explosion_C4_DET-0037-209.wavExplosion, C-4, Massive Heavy Boom, Sustained Rumbling Decay, CU Debris Falling, Metal and Glass Clinking Down, Scattering2496000600:37
Explosion_C4_DET-0037-210.wavExplosion, C-4, Long Soaring Whoosh, Deep Muted Boom, Distant Pulsing Rumbles2496000600:22
Explosion_C4_DET-0037-211.wavExplosion, C-4, Massive Heavy Boom, Sustained Rumbling Decay, CU Metal Chimes at Tail, Rattling and Jingling, Light Debris Crackling2496000600:36
Explosion_C4_DET-0037-212.wavExplosion, C-4, Deep Distant Boom, Soaring Whoosh, Descending Hum, Long Rumbling2496000600:29
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-020.wavExplosion, Dynamite, Deep Popping Boom, Echoing Reverberant Decay, Four Versions2496000600:24
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-021.wavExplosion, Dynamite, Massive Booming Bursts, Some Scattered, Distant Reverberant Decay, Debris Falling, Many Versions2496000600:39
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-022.wavExplosion, Dynamite, Huge Crashing Boom, Long Distant Decay, Sharp Cracking Impact, Three Versions2496000600:23
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-023.wavExplosion, Dynamite in Resonant Metallic Structure, Sharp Cracking, Popping, Reverberant, Three Versions2496000600:27
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-024.wavExplosions, Dynamite, Crackling, Booming, Distant Rumbling Decay, Three Versions2496000600:20
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-025.wavExplosion Metal, Dynamite in Large Metal Tank, Booming Pops, Hollow Interior Decay, Rumbling, Muted, Many Versions2496000600:40
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-026.wavExplosion, Dynamite, Deep Rumbling Pops, Very Distant, Bursting, Long Reverberant Decay, Four Versions2496000600:26
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-027.wavExplosion, Dynamite, Large Booming Bursts, Scattered Pops, Rumbling Decay, Many Versions2496000600:48
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-028.wavExplosion, Dynamite, Large Fiery Bang, Crashing, Crackling, Booming, Three Versions2496000600:33
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-029.wavExplosion, Dynamite in Resonant Metallic Structure, Hard Crashing Booms, Interior Rattling, Deep Rumbling, Three Versions2496000600:28
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-030.wavExplosions, Dynamite, Crackling, Deep Booming, Distant Rumbling Decay, Slowed Down, Three Versions2496000600:22
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-031.wavExplosion Metal, Dynamite in Large Metal Tank, Booming Pops, Hollow Interior Decay, Deep Rumbling, Muted, Slowed Down, Many Versions2496000601:00
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-032.wavExplosion, Dynamite, Deep Bursting Booms, Distant, Popping, Rumbling, Long Reverberant Decay, Four Versions2496000600:45
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-033.wavExplosion, Dynamite, Scattered Popping Booms, Reverberant, Rumbling, Many Versions2496000601:16
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-034.wavExplosion, Dynamite, Long Fiery Bursts, Very Deep, Heavy Rumbling, Distant Airy Decay, Three Versions2496000600:43
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-035.wavExplosion, Dynamite in Resonant Metallic Structure, Deep Booming, Interior Rattling, Reverberant Decay, Three Versions2496000600:49
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-036.wavExplosions, Dynamite, Deep Booming, Distant Rumbling Decay, Slowed Down, Three Versions2496000600:32
Explosion_Dynamite_DET-0408-037.wavExplosion Metal, Dynamite in Large Metal Tank, Booming Pops, Long Hollow Interior Decay, Deep Rumbling, Muted, Slowed Down, Many Versions2496000601:05

"I heavily leverage my library to find new sounds that I didn’t think of initially…You simply can’t record everything."

Mark Mangini
Blade Runner 2049, Mad Max: Fury Road

Note: These sounds are not included in The Odyssey Collection – featuring more sound effects libraries curated from the life’s work of Mangini and Anderson.

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Sample rate 96
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 42
Size 2.44 GB
Type Source
Format Stereo & Surround
Metadata Yes

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This library comes with a royalty-free single user license. No attribution is required. Once purchased you can use this library on an unlimited number of projects.

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