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A small album containing a multitude of gnarly audio focused on realism of bones breaking.

Sample rate 48
Bitdepth 16
Number of files 28
Size 8.28 MB
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes
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ext_bone_crack-01.wavSlow external cracking of a bone.1648000200:00.640
ext_bone_crack-02.wavQuick external snapping of a bone.1648000200:00.554
ext_bone_crack-03.wavQuick external snapping of a bone.1648000200:00.534
ext_bone_crack-04.wavQuick snap of an external bone.1648000200:00.612
ext_bone_crack-05.wavExternal cracking of a bone.1648000200:00.805
ext_bone_crack-06.wavCracking of an external bone.1648000200:01.033
ext_bone_crack-07.wavHard crack of an external bone.1648000200:01.134
ext_bone_crack-08.wavExternal bone cracking. Two sets.1648000200:01.537
bone_crack_long1.wavDrawn out internal bone crack, slow ramp up to loud crack1648000200:02.497
bone_crack_long2.wavDrawn out internal bone crack, slow ramp up to loud crack1648000200:02.405
int_bone_crack-01.wavShort internal crack of a bone1648000200:00.997
int_bone_crack-02.wavShort internal crack of a bone1648000200:00.798
int_bone_crack-03.wavSlow internal crack of a bone. Two distinct cracks.1648000200:00.823
int_bone_crack-04.wavShort internal crack of a bone. Three short pops.1648000200:00.650
int_bone_crack-05.wavCracking of an internal bone. Two sets, hard snap on second.1648000200:01.221
int_bone_crack-06.wavQuick cracking of an internal bone.1648000200:00.985
int_bone_crack-07.wavHeavy pop of an internal bone.1648000200:00.306
int_bone_crack-08.wavHeavy crack of an internal bone.1648000200:00.646
int_bone_crack-09.wavQuick cracking of an internal bone.1648000200:00.723
int_bone_crack-10.wavQuick, hard pop of an internal bone.1648000200:00.936
int_bone_crack-11.wavHard crack of an internal bone.1648000200:01.040
int_bone_crack-12.wavQuick, high crack of an internal bone.1648000200:00.572
int_bone_crack-13.wavQuick, hard crack of an internal bone.1648000200:01.311
int_bone_crack-14.wavHard crack of an internal bone.1648000200:01.104
int_bone_crack-15.wavQuick, hard snap of an internal bone.1648000200:00.579
int_bone_crack-16.wavBig, hard snap of an internal bone.1648000200:01.178
int_bone_crack-17.wavQuick snap of an internal bone.1648000200:00.476
int_bone_crack-18.wavQuick, hard snap of an internal bone.1648000200:00.618

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Sample rate 48
Bitdepth 16
Number of files 28
Size 8.28 MB
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes

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