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Apple Hill Studios presents Cartoon Sounds Volume 1.

A collection of 350 fun cartoon sounds that will surely bring your cartoon projects to life!

It includes voices, slide whistles, cartoon twinkle toes, crashes, laughs, animals, pirate & cowboy voice phrases, slips, falls, and so much more.

Sample rate 96
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 350
Size 599 MB
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes
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Gear Used: We use a Neumann U87 and AKG 414 for our voice over work along with a Universal Audio preamp and plugins. For sound design we also use a Neumann KMR 81i shotgun mic, a Sennheiser MKH 8040 stereo pair and a Sound Devices Mixer 6 for field recording. We also use a Mac loaded with Logic Pro X and Sound Forge Pro to edit and convert tracks.
Cartoon Alien Creature.wav2496000200:27
Cartoon Babbling On Telephone.wav2496000200:08
Cartoon Babbling.wav2496000200:08
Cartoon Banana Peel Slip 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Banana Peel Slip 2.wav2496000200:00
Cartoon Banana Peel Slip 3.wav2496000200:00
Cartoon Banana Peel Slip 4.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Banana Peel Slip 5.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Bicycle Horn Blowing 1.wav2496000200:00
Cartoon Bicycle Horn Blowing 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Big Evil Laugh 2 With Reverb.wav2496000200:15
Cartoon Big Evil Laugh 2.wav2496000200:13
Cartoon Big Evil Laugh With Reverb.wav2496000200:09
Cartoon Big Evil Laugh.wav2496000200:07
Cartoon Birds Whistling 1.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Birds Whistling 2.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Birds Whistling 3.wav2496000200:14
Cartoon Bubble Pop 1.wav2496000200:00
Cartoon Bubble Pop 2.wav2496000200:00
Cartoon Bubble Pop 3.wav2496000200:00
Cartoon Bubbles Popping.wav2496000200:07
Cartoon Car Horn 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Car Horn 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Car Horn 3.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Caveman Angry Grunt.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Caveman Eating.wav2496000200:18
Cartoon Caveman Finding Humor.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Caveman Finger Hurting.wav2496000200:06
Cartoon Caveman Grunting Yes.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Caveman Grunts And Beating Chest.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Caveman Grunts.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Caveman Laughing.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Caveman Oh.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Caveman Painful Hit 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Caveman Painful Hit 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Caveman Painful Hit.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Caveman Surprised Huh.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Caveman Uh Oh.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Amazing.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Angry Goodbye.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Angry I Said No 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Angry I Said No 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Angry I Said No 3.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Angry No No No.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Bummer.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Excited Oh Boy.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Excited Woo Hoo Hoo.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Excited Yes Yes Yes.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Fantastic.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Fart And Laugh.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Fart And Scream.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Fart And Yell.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Funny Bird Call.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Funny Laugh 1.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Funny Laugh 2.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Character Funny Laugh 3.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Funny Vocal Sound 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Funny Vocal Sound 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Funny Vocal Sound 3.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Funny Vocal Sound 4.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Funny Vocal Sound 5.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Funny Vocal Sound 6.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Good Bye.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Goofy Laugh.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Character Happy Birthday 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Happy Birthday 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Happy Oh.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Hello.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Hey Who Do You Think You Are.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Hi Pitch Babble 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Hi Pitch Babble 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Hi Pitch Babble 3.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Hi Pitch Babble 4.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Hi Pitched Alright 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Hi Pitched Alright 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Hi Pitched Oh Wow.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Hi Pitched Woo Wee.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Hi Pitched Wow Wee.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Hi Pitched Wow.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Hi Pitched Yeehaw.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Honk Honk.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Honk.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character I Love You 1.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character I Love You 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character I Want It.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Laugh Fart.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Laughing He He He.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Let's Get Out Of Here.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Long Fart.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Nanny Nanny Boo Boo 1.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Nanny Nanny Boo Boo 2.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character No Way.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Oh No 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Oh No 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Oh No 3.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Oh No I Dropped It.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Oh Wise Guy Eh 1.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Oh Wise Guy Eh 2.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Oh Wonderful.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Ouch.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Owie.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Sarcastic Ha Ha Ha.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Short Fart.wav2496000200:00
Cartoon Character Shut Up.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Shut Your Mouth.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Snoring.wav2496000200:07
Cartoon Character Squirrel Laugh.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Stop Doing That.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Stop That.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Teasing Laugh.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character That Hurt.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character That's All Folks With Laugh.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Character That's So Exciting.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Wee Moving In Stereo 1.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Character Wee Moving In Stereo 2.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Character Woo Hoo 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Woo Hoo 2.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Wow That's Great.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Yeah.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Yelling Alright.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Yelling No.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Yelling Ow Ow Ow.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Character Yelling Yes 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Yelling Yes 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Character Yikes.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Cork Pop.wav2496000200:00
Cartoon Cow Moo.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cowbell Hit 1.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cowbell Hit 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Cowboy Dog Gone It.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Cowboy Get Along Little Doggy.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cowboy Giddy Up.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cowboy Head Em Out.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cowboy Head Em Up And Move Em Out Boys.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Cowboy Head Em Up And Move Em Out.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cowboy Howdy Partner.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Cowboy Howdy Stranger.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cowboy It's Time For Some Shut Eye.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cowboy Ride Em Cowboy.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cowboy Well Dagnabit.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cowboy Well Dog Gone It.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cowboy Well Howdy Partner.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cowboy Well I'll Be Dog Gone.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Cowboy Why You Dirty Rotten Scoundrel 1.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Cowboy Why You Dirty Rotten Scoundrel 2.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Cowboy Woo Hoo.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cowboy Yeehaw.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cowboy Yippee.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Crash 1.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Crash 2.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Crash 4.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Crash And Fall.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Creature Growl 1.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Creature Growl 2.wav2496000200:08
Cartoon Crotchety Man Are You For Real.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Crotchety Man Forget About It.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Crotchety Man Get Out.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Crotchety Man I Don't Care.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Crotchety Man I Said Get Out.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Crotchety Man I Said No And I Mean No.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Crotchety Man I Said No.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Crotchety Man I'll Get You.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Crotchety Man I'm Not Budging.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Crotchety Man Laugh.wav2496000200:07
Cartoon Crotchety Man Nice Nice.wav2496000200:06
Cartoon Crotchety Man Okay.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Crotchety Man Well Okay.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Crotchety Man Well That's Just Lovely.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Crotchety Man Well Well Well.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Crotchety Man What Do We Have Here.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Crotchety Man Why You Double Crossing.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Cuckoo 2.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Cuckoo.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Cute Sheep Baa 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Cute Sheep Baa 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Cute Sheep Baa 3.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Cute Sheep Baa 4.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Dog Barking 1.wav2496000200:06
Cartoon Dog Barking 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Dog Barking 3.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Dog Barking And Panting.wav2496000200:13
Cartoon Dog Panting.wav2496000200:10
Cartoon Elf Merry Christmas.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Emergency Vehicle Passing L To R 1.wav2496000200:14
Cartoon Emergency Vehicle Passing L To R 2.wav2496000200:14
Cartoon Emergency Vehicle.wav2496000200:14
Cartoon Eye Blinks 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Eye Blinks 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Eye Blinks 3.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Eye Blinks 4.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Fall Slip And Crash 1.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Fall Slip And Crash 2.wav2496000200:07
Cartoon Frog Jump 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Frog Jump 2.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Frog Jump 3.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Goofy No.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Goofy Oh Silly Me.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Goofy Okay Boss 1.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Goofy Okay Boss 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Goofy Yep.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Goofy Yes.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Harmonica Blowing 1.wav2496000200:11
Cartoon Harmonica Blowing 2.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Head Bang With Cuckoo And Birds Tweeting.wav2496000200:06
Cartoon Head Bang With Male Yell Cuckoo And Birds Tweeting.wav2496000200:06
Cartoon Head Pot Bang With Tweeting Birds.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Head Pot Bang Wobbly Effect 1.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Head Pot Bang Wobbly Effect 2.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Head Pot Bang.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Kung Fu Shout 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Kung Fu Shout 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Kung Fu Shout 3.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Kung Fu Shout 4.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Kung Fu Shout 5.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Kung Fu Shout 6.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Kung Fu Shout 7.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Kung Fu Shout 8.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Male Accent Are Must Be Talking To Me.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Male Accent Are You Nuts Or What You Talking To Me.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Male Accent Forget About It Are You Nuts Or What.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Male Accent Forget About It.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Male Accent Get Out Of Here You Crazy.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Male Accent Get Outta Here.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Male Accent Get Your Hands In The Air.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Male Accent Hey Forget About It Will Ya.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Male Accent Hey How You Doing Today.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Male Accent Hey This Is A Stickup.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Male Accent Hey Who Do You Think You're Talking To Anyway.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Male Accent How You Doing.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Male Accent I Said Shutup.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Male Accent Nobody Talks To Me That Way.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Male Accent Oh Forget About It.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Male Accent Oh My God Forget About It Like Come On.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Male Accent Oh Wow.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Male Accent Who You Talking To You Talking To Me.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Male Accent Wow.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Male Accent You Don't Talk To Me That Way.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Male Accent You're A Whacko.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Male Goofy Laugh.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Male Happy Woo Hoo Hoo.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Male Pain Yell 1.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Male Pain Yell 2.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Male Pain Yell 3.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Male Pain Yell 4.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Mini Monster 1.wav2496000200:07
Cartoon Mini Monster 2.wav2496000200:06
Cartoon Mini Monster 3.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Mini Monster 4.wav2496000200:07
Cartoon Pain Yell.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Pirate Aarrgh 1.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Pirate Aarrgh 2.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Pirate Ahoy Me Hearties Hoist Them Sails.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Pirate Aye Matey.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Pirate Aye.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Pirate Blimey.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Pirate Hands Off Me Treasure 1.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Pirate Hands Off Me Treasure Laddy.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Pirate Hands Off Me Treasure.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Pirate Hoise The Sails Laddy 1.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Pirate Hoise The Sails Laddy 2.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Pirate Hoist The Anchor And Let's Make Sail.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Pirate Hoist The Anchor And Make Sail Laddy.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Pirate I'm Sending You To Davy Jones Locker.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Pirate Laugh.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Pirate Make Sail.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Pirate Shiver Me Timbers Matey.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Pirate Shiver Me Timbers.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Pirate So Much Booty With Laugh.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Pirate So Much Booty.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Pirate There She Blows.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Pirate Walk The Plank Laddy.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Pirate Walk The Plank Scallywag.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Pirate Walk The Plank.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Pirate Yo Ho Ho 1.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Pirate Yo Ho Ho 2.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Ricochet 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Ricochet 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Robot Access Denied.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Robot Access Granted.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Robot Affirmative.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Robot Does Not Compute.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Robot Emergency.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Robot I Do Not Understand.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Robot Intruder Alert.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Robot Intruder.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Robot Mission Control We Have Liftoff.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Robot Negative.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Robot Powering Down.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Robot Take Me To Your Leader.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Short Harmonica In And Out.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Short Whistle Blow.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Siren Whistle Blowing 2.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Siren Whistle Blowing.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Siren Whistle Effect.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Slide Whistle Fast Going Down.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Slide Whistle Going Up 2.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Slide Whistle Going Up.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Slide Whistle With Head Bang And Yell 1.wav2496000200:06
Cartoon Slide Whistle With Head Bang And Yell 2.wav2496000200:06
Cartoon Slide Whistle With Head Bang.wav2496000200:06
Cartoon Slime Gunk 1.wav2496000200:24
Cartoon Slime Gunk 2.wav2496000200:29
Cartoon Slip And Crash.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Slurp 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Slurp 2.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Small Pot Crash.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Squirrel Laughing.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Stange Bird Call 1.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Stange Bird Call 2 With Reverb.wav2496000200:06
Cartoon Stange Bird Call 2.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Stange Bird Call 3 With Reverb.wav2496000200:07
Cartoon Stange Bird Call 3.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Stange Bird Call With Reverb.wav2496000200:08
Cartoon Timpani Pitch Down Effect 1.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Timpani Pitch Down Effect 2.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Timpani Pitch Up Effect.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Two Short Whistle Blows.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Vibraslap.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Voice Don't Do It With Reverb.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Voice Don't Do It.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Voice Fast Angry Grumbling 1.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Voice Fast Angry Grumbling 2.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Voice Funny Evil Hi Pitched Laugh.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Voice Get Out Of The Way Would Ya.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Voice Hi Pitched Fussing 1.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Voice Hi Pitched Fussing 2.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Voice Hi Pitched Fussing 3.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Voice Me Too.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Voice No No Don't Do It With Reverb.wav2496000200:06
Cartoon Voice No No Don't Do It.wav2496000200:04
Cartoon Voice Oh No With Laugh.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Voice Oh Okay.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Voice Oh With Laugh.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Voice Sarcastic Ha Ha Ha Laugh.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Voice Short He He He.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Voice Short Hi Pitched Fussing.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Voice Short Laugh.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Voice Whoops 1.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Voice Whoops 2.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Walking Down Stairs.wav2496000200:08
Cartoon Walking Up Stairs.wav2496000200:08
Cartoon Witch Laugh 1 With Reverb.wav2496000200:05
Cartoon Witch Laugh 1.wav2496000200:03
Cartoon Witch Laugh 2 With Reverb.wav2496000200:08
Cartoon Witch Laugh 2.wav2496000200:07
Cartoon Wobbly Hit.wav2496000200:02
Cartoon Wolf Whistle.wav2496000200:01
Cartoon Wood Block.wav2496000200:02
Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho 2.wav2496000200:11
Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho.wav2496000200:12

Perfect for use in a wide range of projects, from cartoons, animations, youtube, web pages, films, TV shows, radio, comedians, games, apps, and theater shows.

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Sample rate 96
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 350
Size 599 MB
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata Yes

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This library comes with a royalty-free single user license. No attribution is required. Once purchased you can use this library on an unlimited number of projects.

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