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‘Alien Worlds’ by Cinematic Sound Design delivers a collection of designed cinematic ambiences featuring unique and weird creature chirps, screams, moans, and more.

This product is suitable for Game backgrounds, Cinematic productions, Media and any other project where unique background audio is required.

Inside you will find a selection of dark, eerie, psychedelic soundscapes with a variety of designed fantasy creatures.

Click to hear the product demo to get an idea of what’s on offer inside this pack.

Sample rate 96
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 33
Size 346.5 MB
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata No
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Gear Used: Apogee Symphony 2x6, Sound Devices 702, 2x Neumann KM184, DSI Prophet 8, Access Virus TI
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Alien Bird Quacks Screams Psychedelic Hum Background.wav1644100200:42
Bird Like Lifeforms Screams Psychedelic Background.wav1644100201:00
Bird Like Quacks Dark Psychotic Theme Background.wav1644100200:30
Calm Alien Landscape Lifeforms Ambience.wav1644100201:39
Calm Dark Background Creatures Quacks.wav1644100200:21
Calm Tinnitus Environment Background.wav1644100200:39
Creature Screams Muted Sci-Fi Ambience.wav1644100200:58
Creature Voices Boiling Ponds Of Liquid.wav1644100201:00
Dark Alien World Weird Creature Screams.wav1644100200:58
Dark Ambience Lifeform Screams Sqeaks Chirps.wav1644100200:43
Dark Background Bird Like Wing Flaps Creatures.wav1644100200:30
Dark Background Creature Screams Asteroids Like Bangs.wav1644100200:41
Dark Eerie Background Strange Voices Astroid Sweeps.wav1644100200:57
Dark Futuristic Background Creatures Screaming Ambience.wav1644100201:06
Designed Alien Creatures Eery Background.wav1644100200:39
Designed Muted Alien Environment Strange Chirp Creatures.wav1644100200:33
Distant Creatues Eerie Dark Background.wav1644100200:42
Eerie Bird Like Screech Dark Background.wav1644100200:29
Eerie Futuristic Distorted Background Creature Quacks Screams.wav1644100200:50
Eerie Inner Space Large Background Screaming Creature.wav1644100200:41
Eerie Sci-Fi Environment Creature Screams Background.wav1644100201:00
Fat Voice Lifeforms Screams Sci-Fi Ambience.wav1644100201:37
Highly Radioactive Alien Environment Background.wav1644100200:41
Hum Pulsations Dark Noise Environment Background.wav1644100201:30
Inner Space Fat Voice Screams Creature Lifeforms Ambience.wav1644100202:06
Mysterious Cinematic Soundscape Alien Creatures Screams.wav1644100200:47
Noisy Hum Dark Background Creatures Screeching Crackles.wav1644100200:25
Quiet Hypnotic Background Subtle Alien Species Sounds.wav1644100200:57
Radioactive Landscape Alien World Background.wav1644100202:19
Tinnitus Pulsations Background Walrus Like Creatures.wav1644100200:45
Walrus Like Creatures Bird Screams Soundscape.wav1644100200:41
Waves Interference Weird Creatures World Background.wav1644100201:01
Weird Screaming Creatures Clinks Sci-Fi Ambience.wav1644100200:58

Product Details:

• 33 Designed Creature Ambiences
• 100% Royalty-Free
• 24-Bit/44.1kHz

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Sample rate 96
Bitdepth 24
Number of files 33
Size 346.5 MB
Type Source
Format Stereo
Metadata No

Licensing information

This library comes with a royalty-free single user license. No attribution is required. Once purchased you can use this library on an unlimited number of projects.

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