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Now you do not need to hire an award winning composer or musical virtuoso in order to produce AAA quality music for your game or multi-media production. Let AAA Game Music soundtrack and loop library take on the creative duties of setting the perfect musical expression for your next production. All royalty free.

Take your users to ancient fantasy lands in Medieval times with Renaissance loops, military battle and action adventure cues. Create epic thematic soundscapes of a future with planetary superheroes, suspense and heroism with orchestral brass, driving orchestral and electronic themes or, create a little horror and havoc instantly with fire drone loops, haunted, eerie and horror tracks and thriller themes.

Advance your game or audio production soundtracks to award winning heights. The AAA Game Music library is created by award winning composer Gilde Flores, – the Wolverine, FarCry 4 – with game developers, sound designers and audio supervisors in mind. You’re set with complete musical compositions and the ability to create awe-inspiring musical backgrounds that are outstanding quality and ready to drag and drop into your project for your ultimate time saving music solution.

No need to wonder how the music for your project is going to be completed since AAA Game Music is at the ready and equips sound supervisors and producers with a complete and versatile collection of 43 full length music tracks and 162 musical and ambient loops, almost 3 hours of music. Including cues and loops for loading screens, menu pages, incidental screens, outfitting and character selection, intermissions and gameplay breaks, splash, and game over screens. Soundtracks even include related and alt version loops for thematic continuity in your project.

You supply the action. We’ve got the sound. And it’s all royalty free. AAA game music is the perfect compliment to your favorite sound effects libraries. When used in combination, you’ll have everything you need to produce an epic and engaging audio experience for your users/listeners. Why settle for less than the perfect musical accompaniment to your game or video production? Now you don’t need to. AAA Game Music – soundtrack and musical loop library is ready right on cue. Hear for yourself and checkout the demos. All new and intro priced for a limited time.

Product Details:
160 music loops
43 Full-Length Soundtracks
203 total files
Each Soundtrack includes a full version Loop plus alt version loops
Build your game music how you want it
Access to Almost ours of music
AAA Game Music Library
1.88GB of music tracks
26 Fantasy and Adventure loops
59 Combat loops
45 Epic Orchestral loops – perfect for epic scene or trailers
28 Horror and Suspense loops
16 Loading Screen Loops
29 Menu loops

Number of Files: 203 High Quality WAVS (2.5hrs)
Size Unpacked: 1.88 GB
Sample Rate: 44.1kHz/16bit
Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged

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This library comes with a royalty-free single user license. No attribution is required. Once purchased you can use this library on an unlimited number of projects.

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