Problems, Pitfalls and Post-Launch Nightmares

For the past couple of weeks we haven’t had much sleep. Coffee is running through our veins and our eyes are red from the constant glare of computer screens. Sonniss has taken a hold of us. Day becomes night without anyone noticing. Night becomes day without anyone going home.

timorMyself. This team. We are all working hard to make Sonniss the best platform it is truly capable of becoming. Why? Because we care about this community.

Ever since an early age, I was always recording myself and everything around me. I didn’t fit in too well with others. I was an introvert. I liked spending time on my own. Just me and my Microphone, recorder and headset. I quickly figured out how to record different soundscapes using the overdub feature and thought I was king of the world.


Sound inspired me. Motivated me. Helped me become the person I am today.

Throughout growing up, my mum used to think I was crazy. I was always walking around tapping things, smashing things, breaking and throwing everything at walls, doors, the floor, etc… I wanted to hear what everything sounded like so I could record them and make a copy. Weird, right? Maybe. Possibly. Who cares!

Fast forward 6 months ago. I met some amazing people in a local meetup that were inspired by sound as much as I was. We discussed many things – the birds, the bees, women, beer (not necessarily in that order), but mainly a platform to allow sound recordists the ability to sell their source material.

I didn’t think nothing of it at first… Until 2 weeks later… 2 geeks, 9 desktop monitors, 3 computer systems and a stack of 14inch pizzas turned up at my door. We have to do this. We have to do this, they said. ‘Do what?’ I replied. It’s 2am. What’s going on. (They were a little drunk. But hey, pizza right?). I let them in and we talked some more… These guys haven’t left since.

We pretty much work on Sonniss 24/7 and sleep when we can. Bug fixes, updates and customer support is our number one priority at the moment. In the past 2 weeks alone, we have fixed 61 bugs and made 14 feature improvements. 34 vendors have signed up and we are currently in the process of doing a full server migration.

Things are really hectic here at the moment as you could possibly imagine.


About Timothy McHugh

CEO of Visionary Sound and Coffee Fanatic - Cat Lover. Thinks there are too many microphones gathering dust.


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