Horror Sound Effects: 12 Gruesome Sound FX Libraries That Are Absolutely Terrifying

Happy Halloween everyone! It’s that time of year again and you’re in for a treat. No tricks, just some really terrifying horror sound effects that will absolutely scare the shit out of you. Incorporate them into your workflow and put ‘fright’ into your production. Everything is royalty-free and commercially-usable. Enjoy.

Halloween - Horror Sound Effects

1: Bloody Nightmare by SoundMorph
4.4GB / 550+ sounds. 96kHz / 24bit

Bloody Nightmare is a modern horror cinematic library aimed at the most cutting edge bone chilling productions out there. Whether you work in sound design, as a composer, trailer editor or as an electronic musician, this library has many horror sounds effects that will surely cause visceral moments of terror and dread!

2: Cinematic Gore by The Sound Keeper
1.14 GB / 128 WAV files. 96kHz / 24bit

Cinematic Gore has all of the horror sound effects you need to recreate just about any type of horror scene imaginable. From brutal blood splatters and chilling knife stabs, to bone breaks, slashes, cuts and gruesome splurts. All of the sounds are mastered and ready to be dropped into any environment, making it the perfect addition to your sound design toolkit.

3: Screams & Shouts  by SoundBits
873 WAV files. 96k / 24bit

Screams and shouts is terrifying collection of screams, shouts, moans, grunts, and hisses from female/male humans, zombies, monsters and creatures. When Saro uploaded this library to Sonniss, I didn’t know whether to call the Police or add it to the site… Although he did assure me that no children were harmed during the making of this library… Should we trust him?

4: Vegetable Massacres by Mechanical Wave
192.1 MB / 175 WAV files. 96kHz / 24bit

Vegetable Massacres is a nice collection of vegetables and fruits being smashed up and destroyed – giving you the sounds of gorey, fleshy skin tares, blood drips and oozes.

5: Bone Crackings by Debsound
16.1 MB / 40 WAV files. 96kHz / 24bit

Bone Crackings is a small collection of sound effects that would be a great addition to your kung-fu/horror/action movie. You can’t go wrong with this library for the price, it really does have some useful material (and the quality is great).

6: The Horror by 24/96 SFX
392 MB / 125 WAV files. 96kHz / 24bit

The Horror contains 10 minutes of original recordings, from screams and rises to drones and more. If you are working on a film or game and need some high-quality horror sounds, this library will be a great addition to your collection.

7: Gore Toolkit [HD] by Soundopolis
680.8 MB / 93 WAV files. 96kHz / 24bit

Gore Toolkit HD has everything you need for your bloody, gory, action/horror/sci-fi adventure. If you need body damage sounds, you’ve pretty much hit here jackpot here, this sound library contains blood, intestines, bones, flesh, punches, squishes, goops, splats, chops, tinks, chews, stabs, crunches, tears, sawing, some blade sounds, and so much more.

8: Deer Library by Coll Anderson
3.5 GB / 471 WAV files.  96kHz / 24bit

Deer Library is not exactly what it says on the tin. Many people find this library when they are looking for animal sounds – much to their shock and horror, it’s all about mutilation and smashing up a dear (although I am told no live animals were hurt during the recording of this library)… It is pretty gruesome nevertheless!

9: The Borax Experiment (Gore & Slime) by Mattia Celloto
195 MB / 200 WAV files. 96kHz / 24bit

The Borax Experiment is a great library. Mattia wanted to find a good substitute for meat that could emulate its goriness, so he decided to record and document the “Borax Experiment”. He believes the result could be considered an overkill, but it has some good production effects that I am sure you will find useful.

10: Dark Materials by Game Audio Factory
734.6 MB / 392 WAV files.  96kHz / 24bit

Dark Materials is a library dedicated to traditional foley horror sound effects. A whole bunch of fruits and vegetables were used to create the sounds of crunching, breaking, twisting bones, and gorey impacts.

11: Eerie Ambiences by Bluezone
1.4 GB. 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Eerie Ambiences and Sound Effects’ from Bluezone Corporation contains 240 dark ambiences, some very impressive horror sound effects and also comes with some of the best disturbing textures and dark organic sound fx you’ve ever heard.

12: Gorification [HD] by Timothy McHugh
730 MB / 1200 WAV files. 96k/24bit

Gorification [HD] is an extensive collection of high-impact gore sounds that I custom recorded myself. From skull crunches, head smashes, blood squirts, bone-breaks, skin-slashes, knife-swing’s, splats, squelches, body damage, chops, stabs, crunches, blood drips, squishes and oozes. This library contains everything you need to audibly reconstruct just about any type of horror scene imaginable.

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