Sit back, relax and listen up close!

Back to the future day is just around the corner and we have something really special for you. No, we haven’t built a time machine or invented a working hover-board, (sorry to disappoint you). But we do have something else that might interest you.

A couple of months back I received an email time-stamped from October 1985, I thought it was a joke at first, but in the email it read: “Great Scott! Finally managed to get your email Tim. Turned my Delorean into a Time Machine and recorded you some sounds. Download the files and then put on your radiation suit, If my calculations are correct, recording this library at 96kHz was the best thing I ever done… you will hear some serious shit! – Dr. Emmett Brown

A radiation suit?  What the hell has this guy sent me? A bomb? Turned out; Over 3GB+ of plutonium powered sound effects that needed 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to process…. I had to build a nuclear fusion reactor just to upload this! Crazy, right?

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Release DATE: October 21st 2015.