And The Winners Are…

On March 19th, I announced a competition to win over 200GB of high-quality sound libraries from our suppliers here at Sonniss.

Many people thought I was a little crazy and asked me if i was joking. My inbox lit up and thousands of people started messaging me. Some people responded with angst, telling me that I was ruining the industry… How could we give all of this away for FREE? What am I doing?  OH NO! I AM EVIL… and so on. Ridiculous, right?

Over 28,000+ entries and 1 month later, we now have the winners to announce and lucky they are indeed. 200GB+ of high-quality sound effects from some of the world’s leading sound designers and recordists will be soon coming your way.



A big congratulations goes out to Markus Pursche, a game developer from Sweden, and Mike Hartford, a radio presenter from Ontario, Canada. These people were selected entirely at Random using If you have any concerns about how the winners were chosen, please drop me an email over to

If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry, we will be running another competition in the upcoming months.

A special thanks goes out to all of the contributors for making this happen, without them none of this would be possible. 

SoundMorphMikkel NielsenAlexander KopeikinGiorgio RioloLibraryByEmptySeaColin AndersonStephan Marche (Detunized), SoundBits (Saro Sahihi)Joe GriffinWhatisValisKpow AudioJulian RayVarazuviMattia CellottoGlitchedtonesBeautiful NoiseSound Ex MachinaScott Koué SoundSFXsourcePayam Tavakoli3mazeRussell GorskyEiravaein WorksResonantCarlo AscrizziMembransUnidentified Sound ObjectRobert CordovaJakob Thiesen2496SoundEffectsBob SerraOriginal SoundsHzandbitsMechanical WaveSampletraxxSoundopolis, NoisecreationsSamuel Justice & Joshua Reinhardt.


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